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How do I use a domain name I already own?

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Did you know you can use a domain name you already registered elsewhere with your website without an additional fee?

If you have a domain name already registered with another domain registrar, you can follow these steps to use your own domain on your website with us:

Note: If you already have a premium account Skip to step 4.

Step 1. The first thing you will need to do is upgrade your website. You can do so on the upgrade page. Using your own domain name with your website is a premium feature.

Step 2.  Select the plan options that best fit your needs and budget, then click order now, then confirm your details.

Step 3. After your upgrades are complete, all you'll need to do is put in a Support Request and include the exact domain you want to use.

  • One of our technicians will add your domain to your account here at Spruz and reply with the instructions that you will need at your domain host to point it correctly.

If you have problems at this stage you will need to contact your domain registrar for support on setting up your Domain Settings. We do not provide support on configuring a domain not registered with us. If you want automatic setup of your own domain name then please use the register new domain option on the upgrade page.

Important Notes:

  1. Do not forward a domain. Your site will not work properly with forwarded domain names only use domains properly setup with our service. It is against your term of service with us access your site with us using a domain other then what we have on file for you.
  2. Do not forward your root to www. because your site will not work correctly.
  3. When ordering a domain name with us the setup is fully automated and once the domain is activated it should load your page right away. In addition if you purchase a domain with us you are free to take it with you if you ever decide to change services.
Published:Sep 13th 2010
Modified:Sep 13th 2010

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