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How do I set up a standard profile layout for all new accounts?

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When a member first visits his profile page the page is setup with two elements/boxes to get him started. These elements are normally just to have some thing on a page for them to play with right away.

However, you may want to have your members profiles to start with different element arrangements to further customize your social profile offering. In order to use this feature that allows you to basically copy a profile element arrangement from one member account to another is done by visiting your websites profile settings page that is accessible from your websites Management Area and setting the Default Profile Template User ID.

To get started with a customized default profile setup follow these simple steps

Step 1: Decide what member account you want to use for the default profile. You can even create a new dummy account and setup that accounts profile the way you want for your members to start with. Any information you enter using the element edit options will copy over to your new members profile.

Step 2: Go to the profile settings page and type the Member name into the box for default profile template.

Step 3: Save your profile settings, and now when a new member joins and visits their profile page for the first time, there profile will have only the features you want.


That's it! You are done, yet another way to further customize your website just the way you want.

Published:Sep 13th 2010
Modified:Sep 13th 2010

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