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How can I enter a Support Ticket?

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Our Support Guidelines with help you understand what is needed from you when you open a support ticket with us. At Spruz we believe in providing a solid support structure as part of a successful business, but your help is appreciated in providing us with all the information and details we need to help you quickly and effectively.

At Spruz our primary method of direct support is through a Support Ticket. Please only resort to using our support tickets when there is an issue you can not solve on your own or with the help of our Owners Community. Support Tickets -- as opposed to email support -- allows you to track the progress of an issue, update the issue (anytime you want), and ensures our team has a 100% chance of seeing and responding back quickly (no email spam blockers to contend with).

You can find the Support Ticket area by entering Management Mode in your website and then clicking on the Support option on the right hand side of in the Management Bar at the top of the page or by clicking on the Support link when you will see when you are logged into the website.

When reporting problems, bugs or other issues please follow these guidelines. Tickets that do not will be returned to you.

  • One Issue Per Ticket - If you are reporting more then one issue, please open a ticket on each problem. Sometimes issues need to be handled by different people and reporting a problem someone else can do will help resolve your issue quickly since two heads and better than one.
  • Use Clear Language - First and foremost, we must be able to understand what you are telling us, so we appreciate it if you use proper English grammar. We understand that everyone makes mistakes and typos, but assist us you can run your text through a spell checker or install the Google Toolbar, which has a built in spell checker. If English is not your first language please use a tool such as Google Translate so that we understand your request..
  • Full and Accurate Details - Include enough details for us to locate and reproduce the issue you are reporting. If we don't have enough details we may need to request more, which costs everyone more time. Remember, you know how you configured your website much better then we do, so please include things like the URL to the page you are having a problem on, screenshots and even videos to help us fix the problem right the first time.
  • Time is Important - Tell us what time based on Eastern Standard Time you had the problem. This is really handy when it comes to page errors, we log and record all server side page errors.
  • Stay Focused - Keep your ticket to the point and focused on the problem at hand. Our support team cares about locating the issue and fixing the problem, so we appreciate it if all irrelevant information is left out of the ticket.
  • Member Problems - If the ticket is about a member of your website having a problem we need their account email, what browser they are using and complete details so we can reproduce the problem as mentioned above.
  • Be Courteous - Tickets that have inappropriate language (including shorthand such as "WTF"), is abusive or demanding will not be answered , responded to or tolerated.

Remember, to fix an issue you are experiencing we must be able to reproduce the problem and see it first hand. If we can't then it is unlikely we will be able to fix the problem.

If you have more than one website with us, please make sure you are using the correct account of have the correct website selected when you open your ticket. When you enter a ticket our ticket system links your account information together so we can quickly view your account details to help you better.

We want you to know that this information is not only for you, but everyone. We look forward to helping you!

Published:Sep 13th 2010
Modified:Sep 13th 2010

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