How You Can Stop a Jumping Dog Today

The reason you hear about the benefits of home-produced remedies is often down to both cost, and the fear of the ingredients put into the commercial mite removal kits. Now, it's all well and good that a stranger on the internet has successfully used a bath of coffee to remove the mites from their dog, but there is absolutely no way of telling whether these natural methods will work or even make the problem worse. As my ridiculous example reveals, they're more often than not too difficult to make yourself anyway. But I must stress that home remedies should not be carried out for risk of your dog's health.

Now, if you were drawn to the home remedies because of the concerns around strange ingredients in the commercial products in stores, your best bet is to purchase a product that your local vet recommends. By visiting your vet, you can be sure that you will not only get great advice on the best mite treatments available, but also the best treatments for your dog specifically. This will ensure that you will get the best suited product for the fastest possible results.

So what exactly can you buy in the way of over-the-counter products for treating dog mites? Well, there are a large selection of medicated baths and oils which can kill off the mites whilst being safe toward the dog's skin. These are a great way of sorting the problem out without having to resort to injections because lets face it, your dog is not going to behave at the sight of a needle!

All of these remedies you can find over the counter are perfect for treating minor cases of dog mites, but the more serious cases of mites may need a little more attention. If your dog's mite problem resides within it's ears for example, you'll definitely need to refer to your vet immediately as this can result in permanent hearing loss if left for too long. The same goes for more severe cases of mange - you can't be certain that store-bought oils and creams will fully remove the mite problem. Even if just a few mites were to survive, they would easily replicate back to their dangerous levels unbeknown to you!



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