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How To Member Search By Zipcode, State, and City


Your Member Search Feature

You member search feature located on the "members page" indexes the "member questions" that you have filled out for your website. By default, some questions are set up at the start of your sites beginning, but you yourself can set up the questions to read however you want. Anything that you want the "member search" to find needs to be done through the "member questions".

So, now that we know this, let's make sure we know where this is done at. You will want to click on "manage site", then "settings", then "manage settings" and then on "member questions." You will be looking at your member question set up now where you can add, edit, and remove them to your liking. This is where you will create your "new" questions based on what you want the "member search" feature to find. So if you want your member search to find people by city, state, or zip code, you need to ask people to enter that information in by making a question or simply typing City: or maybe State: or even Zip:... They will then enter that information in for you, and now the "member search" is able to find that information about them. Other people on your site will now be able to find people that have entered in their location. 

To add more detail to how awesome this feature can be, you could actually have it ask things like "Coke or Pepsi?" Cornbread or Grits?" Smoker or Non? The list is endless, and the search engine will work how  you want it to. It's yours, and all you have to do is tell it what to do. 

Published:May 30th 2011
Modified:May 30th 2011

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