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How To Customize Your Website Footer

This article is to give an easy way to customize your footer while still allowing you to use some html with no knowledge of it in general.

The first thing you'll want to do is become familiar with where the content for your custom footer goes. You'll add your content to the custom scripting area for the footer. Click on manage site, settings, and then custom scripting. There, you will see a box that says "Add HTML for a Custom Footer ". In that section is where your new content will go. There may already be some code in there if you haven't changed it already. You can opt to remove that or keep it. The choice is yours. Anything you type into the footer box will appear in your footer section. Your custom footer box also accepts html, javascript, jquery, and a number of other client side based scripting types.. but that's a whole different subject.

Now that you know where the content for the custom footer will go, it's time to learn about an easy way to create html content that can be used in the custom footer. You can do this by using the text editor for the wiki or blogs either one. First you use the editors easy tools to add any links, images, lists, or whatever to your new content. Once you have what you want added in, you click on the "source" button located in the editors options. That will produce the html code needed to display all of the new content you created. Just copy that code and exit out of the editor. Then paste it into the custom scripting section for the footer.

So again, that's manage site, settings, custom scripting, and then paste your html source code into the footers custom scripting section. Since the editor you created your content in will be a bit different in size than your footer area, the content may be a bit off and need adjusted. You'd just go back to the editor and straighten things out, get the "source" again, and repeat until fixed.

Using this technique will give you some new options to explore that you normally could not, unless knowing html first.


Published:Feb 15th 2012
Modified:Feb 15th 2012

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