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How To Create Your Own Terms and Privacy Policy Pages


This article is to explain how to create your own privacy policy and terms of service pages that are linked to your sites member registration page. 

Step: 1 Creating A New Html Page.

  • click manage site
  • click add page
  • add the html page
  • name it privacy policy or terms of use and click save
  • Enter your policy content for the page and save.
  • Exit management mode by clicking the red circle with an X in it.
  • While on your new page, copy the url from your browsers address bar
Step: 2 Linking Your New Page Properly.
  • click on manage site
  • click on settings
  • click on manage settings
  • click on login and registration
"At the bottom of the page, you will see a box that says: 'Terms and Privacy Agreement' just above it.
In that box will be coding that looks like this:
<p>By registering for this website you automatically agree to our 
  <href="/?page=csm&cmd=terms" target="_blank">Terms of Use</aand
  <href="/?page=csm&cmd=privacy">Privacy Policy</aAgreements</p>
You will take the address for your page that you just copied and insert it into the coding here:
<a href="This is where your link goes" target="_blank"> Terms of Use</a>
You will notice that the coding is in there twice. Once for each page. Be sure to link to the correct one. As always, be sure to click save. 
If you follow all of the steps above for both pages you'll have successfully linked to them both.
Once you have your pages linked
If you find that once you have things set up, you have the links on your menu still and want them gone, you'd just click on manage site> your site> manage pages and links". There you can take any links off of your active menu listed on the right, and drag them to the "Hidden Pages" portion of your menu on the left. Be sure to click save. This will still allow people to click the terms of service and privacy policies on your register pages and ect.. but it will take the links off your menu.
Published:Feb 9th 2012
Modified:Feb 9th 2012

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