Darwin man wears same trousers for 2.5 years

The fashion police have been https://www.goldengooseshoesit.com/ called in on a Darwin accountant who admits he has worn the same pair of trousers every work day for more than two years.

"Wayne" will not reveal his surname but is proud of wearing the same pants Monday to Friday, only washing them on the weekend.

The father of one says he sometimes gets another wear out of them on Golden Goose Saturday.

"I wear them all week, don't wash," he said.

"I do wash them at the end of the week and I sometimes wear them out on a Saturday night when I go to live theatre or wherever it may be.

"But nearly two-and-a-half years I've been wearing the same set of trousers."

Business etiquette specialist Patsy Rowe has told the ABC's Barry Nichols that Wayne's case is deeply troubling.

"I'm just a little concerned," she said.

"This is a personal matter Barry, and I wouldn't discuss it normally, about odour. One doesn't like to bring this up but is Wayne confident about his personal freshness?"