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Q. What is the Spruz platform?

A. Spruz is a powerful website content management system. The Spruz platform is a large, interconnected site creation platform that has tools and features designed to make it easy for users to create a website with powerful member features.


Q. How difficult is it to get startedt?

A. Registration and site creation is fast and easy! Once you've created a personal account you can begin the quick site creation process. The site management process has been designed to be intuitive and user friendly. If you've never had a website with Spruz before we'd encourage you to watch our Getting Started video.


Q. What help and support is available with Spruz?

A. All site owners are welcome to visit our Owners' Community forum, where they can get help from fellow users of the platform. Live Chat is also available to answer general support and upgrade questions, while our robust Support Ticket system is available to report occasional bugs and get help with more advanced support issues. Finally, phone support is available to those who have selected our Enterprise support option.


Q. How does member registration work for my site?

A. When any member joins any Spruz powered site, they are automatically a member of our large community. With a single username and password they can log into any site on the network without having to re-register. This gives all sites the ability to attract a larger audience than with static page hosting.


Q. Can Spruz design a website for me?

A. Absolutely! We offer professional web site design without up-front costs or setup fees. Our design staff will make your dream site to your specifications, with fast turnaround time. Call us toll-free at (877) MY SPRUZ or (877) 697-7789 for more information.

Published:Sep 11th 2010
Modified:Sep 11th 2010

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