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Free website limits go into effect today!
Category: Community News

You may recall our blog post from July 6th about new restrictions coming to free websites, as stated we would wait until August 31st before we activated these new restrictions to your free website account, if you had created your website after this date your website would already be on our new free website plan. As we had mentioned we would no longer be offering unlimited free websites due to the issues we experienced finding an ad service that would take us as a publisher, which is due to the fact that we do not have direct control over the content posted on websites the advertisements would be displayed on.

To recap, the following are the restrictions and changes to free sites:

  • 5GB Monthly Transfer Limit - Once your website reaches this you will need to upgrade, if the limit is reached your admin area will be deactivated first with a message to upgrade.
  • 100MB File Storage Limit - Once over this limit you will need to delete extra files to reduce your total storage or upgrade.
  • 250 Member Limit - When you have reached your member limit your registration system will be set to approval only, you will need to upgrade or delete inactive member accounts in order to approve new members.
  • 1 Email Broadcast Per Month - Emails have a cost to them due to spam complaints and bandwidth. With each service plan you will have an increased montly email broadcast limit.
  • File uploading restrictions - We have removed the file uploader from the file manager and members of free websites can only upload photos.
  • Limited or No Advertisements - You will no longer see obtrusive advertisements on free websites, free websites can also place up to 1 advertisement per page to help build up the funds to upgrade.

We understand you may look at these restrictions and say "I can't grow network with that!", however, we have taken great measure to ensure this isn't the case. While 90% of users will not come close to reaching the restrictions we have added, the 10% that do should have a large enough user base to easily afford our $9.95/mo plan by placing your own advertisements on your site, collecting donations using our Website Funds element, or charging members a small fee.

We want to do everything in our power to help those who have reached the limits above  starting today until the end of September we have increased our yearly plan discount from 20% to 30%! At a 30% discount our $9.95 plan comes out to less than $7 bucks a month! Even if you already have a premium plan you can go to the upgrade page and change your plan to yearly and take advantage of our discount. Remember with Spruz your price is locked in for the life of your selected plan, so you never have to worry about paying more in the future.


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