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Display Name Settings, Event Photo Uploading, and New Member Photos

It has been a very busy week for us at Spruz, today we rolled out the final stage of a string up updates this week that work to address site slow down issues and adds some additional functionality.

As most of your know we preformed a major change to how the platform handles user information, this in general has really helped the speed up the load time of pages. We are happy to report there have been very few issues reported related to that update.

Now for the goodies that this change offers up!

New Display Name Control

  • You can now finally set a different display name for each website you are a member on.
  • New Display Name Settings
    • Change if members can select a name already in use by someone else
    • Setup a restrictions list to control what members can use as their display name.
  • On the Manage Members page Administrator can now change display names of members on the site.

Other improvements

Set the Event Pictures - When adding events you can now upload your own event photo thanks to our new anywhere upload component.

 New Default Photos Set - We have replaced the old Shadow style default photos with a new more simplistic look after one to many complaints about the old ones and we added a new generic no image photo as well that will be used on systems that ask for a photo but one is not inserted.

New View My Posts Forum option - Ever wanted to see everything a person has posted in the forums? Well now you can with our new My Posts option that has been added directly under the member photo of a topic reply in your forums.

As most of you know we are moving into a holiday weekend as Memorial Day is Monday. Our offices will be closed on Monday, but just like normal outside our office hours of 9am til 9pm M-F we still have staff on hand to respond to issues reported via support tickets.

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.  ~Joseph Campbell

Enjoy the holiday weekend!


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