This Forum Post, basically describing the procedure of Connect a USB Webcam to a Router, but if you need any support or help use Belkin Router Tech Support Number: 1 888 306 5155.

On the off chance that you have as of late bought a USB webcam, you might be on edge to set it up and start utilizing it, as it can be just set up in a couple steps. You can connect USB webcams straightforwardly to one of your PC's accessible USB ports. With a specific end goal to have your webcam on the web, you should likewise have a Router or modem working legitimately before gushing video, which you can likewise set up in only a few quick steps.

Step 1: Set up your PC's Internet modem and Router as per their manuals and working guidelines. You can discover data on setting up your particular make and model of Routers and modems by going by the brand's site.

Step 2: Connect the USB webcam to an open port on your PC's tower or into an accessible USB port on a tablet. Your USB webcam ought to consequently be recognized. You may need to embed the product CD the webcam came bundled with, in the event that it requires programming establishment.

Step 3: Confirm your Internet association is working. You can set up your default Router settings by opening your PC's default program and going by your Router's default IP address utilizing the Router's default data in regards to the username and passwords. You can find your particular Router's default accreditations by utilizing a sound Router distinguishing site (see Resources).

Step 4: Enter your Router's default settings to set up your Internet association with your preferring. Click ôsaves" or "save Settings" once you are done designing your Internet settings and capacities. Make certain to evacuate any firewalls that can conceivably upset your webcam sharing administrations.

Step 5: Utilize a webcam program or a free webcam site (see Resources) to communicate online now that you have effectively associated your USB webcam and your PC's Internet modem and Router.