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Community of the Week: HIM Addicts

Hello everyone! We're back again with our Community Spotlight, which brings something you'll probably recognize and something you won't.

To begin, we've had some lengthy discussions at Spruz, the result of which was a decision to make a slight adjustment to the direction of the Community Spotlight. As you've probably realized the format has been changed to an "interview" where we ask the owner of the featured site questions which will help us learn more about their community and the work the owner has put into it. We want to hear more from our community, and are confident that others will learn from the experiences each Community of the Week. This change phases out the other features of the Community Spotlight.
Now for something you're familiar with. We featured HIM Addicts last week, which was the kick off of our third round of Community Spotlights. Because that template was phased out we wanted to make sure they got equal treatment as all of our future Communities of the Week. Read on to hear from the owner, Magik.
If you'd like to see your community featured please post an introduction following our guidelines. Good luck!
HIM Addicts
1. Could you explain what your site is about for those that aren't familiar with it?

The HIM-Addicts site is a place for fans of the Finnish band HIM, where members can share news & information about the band with each other, as well as working together to promote the band. As our slogan states: We are an online HIM networking community made for HIM fans, by HIM fans. 
2. What gave you the idea to create a site? Was it a natural extension of a hobby or passion you already had?
I originally created the site on Ning under a different name, a couple years ago. I was an Official promoter for the band & wanted to do something to say 'Thank You' to the band, as well as create a special place where fans could come together to build lasting friendships. Allowing members to help make the site what it is has been the #1 goal behind the site then & will continue to be 'key' for our community we now have on Spruz.
3. Is your site a joint effort between you and other co-creators, or did you create it by yourself?
I originally created the site myself. I allow the other members to give suggestions on what they'd like added to the site & also allowing them control over our blogs, forums, etc., thus making the site theirs as much as it is mine. Allowing members to have say in what goes into our site is an important part of our community. 
4. How did you hear about Spruz?
I originally heard about Spruz through an email broadcast from a Ning community I was a member of. Like this other community, I was looking for a place where I could move my site & my members could call 'home'. I am happy to say I'm grateful for hearing about Spruz & taking the chance of coming here. My members, as well as myself are more than impressed with what Spruz offers compared to other network platforms. We'll be staying here for a very long time.
5. What feature has your community found most useful?
There are a lot of features our community has found useful. Members seem impressed with the forum, which allows us to have subcategories for discussions, making it easier to share thoughts as well as news. A feature I find useful is the polls (which allow me to get feedback from our members on how to improve our site's content). 
6. Do you have any tips or suggestions for other site owners? Was there anything you wish you had known when you created your community that you know today?
Allowing your members to share suggestions for your site helps them feel more like they're an important part of your site. This also helps them understand how to use certain  features that you offer. 
I just wish I had known about Spruz sooner than what I did.  BUT! I'm glad to be here, now.
7. Was there anything else you'd like to add?
Once you get started, you'll find that Spruz has a lot more to offer than a lot of other platforms. 
I, personally, am impressed with the support/staff here who are prompt to answer any questions you may have about building your site here.

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