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Community Spotlight, Week of 3-15-10

I'm a strong believer in cutting through the clutter and getting to the point of things. Sadly I made you read these introduction lines, which only delayed getting into all the great stuff we have in our Community Spotlight.

Community of the Week
You Gab Sports -- owned and opporated by fragnoli -- is this week's featured community! The site covers a wide range of sports, and calls itself "Your New Voice In Sports."
This site is different than the last few that have been featured in that it is very "content heavy." A quick look at the news element on the right hand side of the home page shows the level of commitment the leaders have to their subject and site. The hard work seems to be paying off as the majority of the news posts are engaging members in discussion, the sign of a healthy community.
The danger any site that covers a large topic -- be it sports, entertainment  or any number of other topics -- is that it's more difficult to build a dedicated user base. The reason is because visitors don't want to work for their information; they want it to be easy to find, and they want it now. You Gab Sports sidesteps this issue by dividing the content they have on their site into different pages based on the sport it's talking about. This allows members to catch up on what they enjoy, while making it easy to explore other parts of the site.
Congratulations to fragnoli and all the YouGabSports community! Stop by their introduction page to learn more about the site.
This marks the halfway point for the Spruz Community Competition. There are still four more sites that will be featured, so if you'd like a shot at it post an introduction that follows the guidelines we've provided.
Suggestion of the Week
This week's suggestion is by AareuZ. In the topic "Photo Gallery Improvement" he recommends that site admins be able to feature photos within a gallery instead of it being picked at random. The idea quickly expanded as more members provided their ideas, including being able to select a photo as the "cover photo" for a specific album. If you have any more ideas on how it can be improved stop on in the thread and share it with the rest of the community.
Tip of the Week
This week's tip is actually several wrapped into one. MASTER5x has taken the time to provide the community with links to resources that you may find useful in your site. They include a free mailblast/newsletter service as well as a support ticket service. Feel free to add links to some services you think the rest of the community would find useful as well.

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