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Community Spotlight, Week of 3-1-10

This week's Community Spotlight is finally finished. My apologies for the delay, but sadly it was unavoidable.

Community of the Week

It's my honor to announce that Growing Forward is the Community of the Week! The site is owned an operated by IanDigs, a forum regular that I'm sure many of you have interacted with.

Visitors are greeted with a welcome message that draws them in to the rest of the site by highlighting some of the main features that can be had there. As you scroll down the home page it soon becomes clear that community is central to the entire site. The community centric elements create a buzz around the entire website that makes you interested in what else is going on.

Something that really stuck out to me was how open the leadership seemed to be. Simple touches such as displaying the site moderators show potential members that they are there to help them and interact. One of the worst things a moderator can do is make themselves untouchable to the rest of the community. People need to know that the leadership is interested in hearing from and interacting with regular members.

Congratulations to IanDigs and all the members of Growing Forward. Feel free to stop by the site's introduction to learn more.

Remember that we have six more sites to be featured for the first Spruz Community Competition. If you'd like your site to be featured post an introduction that follows the guidelines we've provided. If you've already posted an introduction we wish you the best of luck!

Suggestion of the Week

This week's suggestion comes from PS3plus, who recommends that site administrators be allowed to make all member profiles on their site "friend only" viewing access. He suggests that this would make protecting the privacy of members easier for site admins, while being optional for those who want an "open" site. Stop by the topic to provide your feedback on the idea. 

Feel free to share your opinions on this idea, if you'd use it and any other suggestions you have to improve it.

Tip of the Week

Maintaining a website can be hard work, but creating an "Admin Page" can help. Learn more by reading this topic in the Tips and Tricks forum.

If there's a tip you think other site owners would find helpful please post it in this topic.


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