Changing website domain name


I would like to know how to change my current domain name to the one I am going to buy. It's written that it is possible to change website domain name, but I don't know how to do it. So, here are my questions.

  1. Can I change the current domain to .com domain?
  2. Can I add .com domain to current domain and maintain both domains for my site?

Thanks in advance.



  • Ouzhenyang what the heck are you talking about . I see when some one post some thing you post some thing that does not make any sense OR IS THIS SPAM IF IT IS SPAM WHY CAN NOT SPRUZ GET RID OF THIS MESS

  • @Von Pay

    Yes, you can change the to a domain of your liking. There are two options, and both first require that you have a paid plan with Spruz first.

    The first option is, while upgrading your site, select the option to add a domain name for your site. You purchase it through Spruz and they do all of the set up.

    The second option is, once you have a paid plan with Spruz you can buy a domain somewhere else like, and then tell Spruz you'd like to add that domain to your site through a Support Request. They will give you the info to set up the domain name yourself.

  • Hi Randy,

    which support? where exactly?

    I need to upload my domain name and I went all over the plavce and cant find the way as I already have EFF code authorisation from where I bought my domain.

    Please advise with all details.

  • If you look on the menu of this website, you'll see a link that says "Support Request". Whenever you need to submit a support ticket, you just click that link. You can also click this one for convenience ----->> Support Request

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