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Can I use my own domain name ( with my site?

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If you have a premium plan you can add your own domain name to your website.

This covers anything from your own Sub Domain like to a large list of domain extensions, .net,, .org, .me, etc.

When adding your own domain name we offer two options.

Option 1. Pointing a domain you already own.

This option applies if you have a domain you have registered on the internet and may already have it setup with another website provider but you want to switch it to Spruz. You can ether add this domain to your site when you place you upgrade order or after your website is upgraded by submitting a request via support ticket.

Depending on your level of experience pointing your own domain can be difficult because you must setup your own DNS records with your domain register.

Option 2. Register a Domain Name with Spruz

Registering a domain directly with us is quick and easy. the biggest advantage of this option is the domain name is automatically setup to work with your website, there is no need to configure DNS record settings.

Author:Jay Roberts
Published:Sep 12th 2010
Modified:Sep 12th 2010

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