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Can I create multiple sites?

If you wish to make more than one site on the same account you will need to upgrade to a premium plan (Starter, Plus, Unlimited).  The new sites will not have the upgrade package of your existing site and will have to be upgraded individually. 


To create a new site on an existing account go to and enter your desired site information.  On the homepage you will see:


Once you complete this process you will be taken to a page that requires you to register or login.  Since you are an existing member you would want to login.  If you forgot how to continue and need help, you're in luck as you will hear the same instructions you did when you first signed up.  Make sure your speakers are on and that your computer is working correctly.  Then begin customizing your site how you want it to look

Published:May 21st 2011
Modified:May 21st 2011

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