For may years, I've noticed a drastic decline in roleplay.


Roleplay for me, helped me with my creative writing. It helped me in drama class and many other school plays and events. It gave me a better understanding of the many different types of writing styles that were out there.


However over the past few years, it seems many have lost their love to roleplay their favorite movie, tv, video game or even book characters and with this decline, has come a decline in the creative writing we once loved.


So out of the ashes rose the Welcome to Roleplay Central. A burning ember, bursting into a flame with the hopes of renewing one's love for their creative writing and their creative minds. But more importantly, the ability to bring their favorite characters to life, their way.


So feel free to join us at where you get to decide who you wish to bring to life from not one, not two, but FIVE different universes!


Must be 18+ to join

English only!