The Nocturnal Cauldron is a Esoteric,Occult, Eclectic Community . We gather for sharing  and engaging in ideas,self expression,learning, and fellowship with mutual respect.We are eclectic and of various paths. A safe place for Witches , Pagans,Heathans, and those of Alternative lifestyles.

Our Mission

First Our Mission

a EngagingEclectic,EsotericOccult,Magickal,Nocturnal Community The key words, engaging, and community. Although you will find much information, and resources we encourage discussions and members to  initiate discussions, and even groups which   the one who begins is responsible for. It provides members oppotunity to feel more apart with some responsibility and allows them to share as well.
To provide a safe place for all Paths, 


Must be 21 and older to join