5 Self-Help Books Everyone Should Have

I have been reading the book "Psycho Cybernetics" by Maxwell  Overnight Millionaire System Review Maltz and he says the "s" in success stands for "sense of direction". What does it mean to you? DIRECTION TO SUCCESS? If there is a direction to success, I think most people would like to know the way. The other day I was listening to one of our co-founders and he said there is no such thing as a sense of direction. Its just terminology we use for when someone is good at directions. He said his Dad was visiting him and knew how to get around the area better than he did and he has lived there for a few years. What gives someone a better "sense of direction" is usually that person is a very visual person. They see what is around them and remember is better than someone who is more kinetic. 

Dave said he is more kinetic, meaning he "feels" things rather than "sees" them. What I believe Maxwell Maltz is referring to is that you need a "sense of direction" to your life to achieve success in your life. Do you have goals or a purpose? Do you know where you are going or do you just show up for work every day, go home sleep and show up again at work the next day? Is that a direction to be going in life? I know we have all been told that is what we need to do. Go to college, get a good job, take care of your family, and put away money for your retirement. 

Then we you become a certain age, you can retire and actually start doing what you want to do with your life. Sound like a good plan to you? WHAT IS SUCCESS TO YOU? You ask ten people what success means to them and they will all give you a different answer. It should be that way because we are all unique people. The theme can be similar though. Some people believe that if you have a good job, nice home, nice cars and your kids are at least reasonably happy, you are a success. So, what does the "S" stand for? Some people would say "succeeded" at whatever you sought out to do. Are you a success even if you fail at something? They say the only true failure is not trying at all, so if you try and fail are you still successful? Initially, our youngest son went to California to go to college. 




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