Also the ridiculous throws across the diamond that are almost always on goal no matter the men accuracy to not mention throws are usually a 1 jump or in the dirt directly in front of the 1B and only in time if the guys arm strength is a 70. Cash and draft picks ought to be part of MLB 19 Stubs trades. Why is it that some players (randomly it sounds ) which are rated in the 90s beginning to get worse in their early to mid 30s and move from a 90+ into the 70s and even the 60s in two maybe 3 decades and then some players that are rated 90 after playing a couple seasons continue to get better but these are men which shouldn't have progressed in their mid 30s which were 28, 29 years old and were rated 82, 83, MLB The Show 19 decided they're gonna abruptly jump up 5 points on all every season for some reason.

Some guys have good seasons and hardly get better, and at times still have their contact fall even though they're hitting.330 in July, while some had ordinary seasons yet they go up annually. Or the players that are still setting up good numbers at 34 suddenly opt to retire yet the nobody that is a 71, did not play in the MLB level 2 out of the last 3 years, together with 39ABs in the previous year and continues to be playing 38 years old. And I know that it's a lot of @!$%#ing but it's still a fantastic game that only has a lot of things they can correct every year or using a patch but not do. It's the exact same things year after year. Here's to one year of hoping they will fix a few of these things, but probably won't. Some but not others. Not the ones who drive me nuts anyhow.

They continue to neglect franchise mode. This is miserable, and requires be addressed locally. Why!? I purchase MLB The Show 19 purely for franchise mode. I could not care less for diamond dynasty or some other rfetro game.If not for franchise style I'd never,ever purchase this.It has been addressed in the community. The neighborhood is ignored by the devs and do not listen to some fans. Produce a Stadium has become the single game mode in cheap stubs mlb the show 19 at the previous 10 decades. We had a produce a stadium in a 2005 baseball game (MVP baseball, still the best baseball game ever made ) and here we are in 2019, pathetic.Yup I agree, I will talk to my own pocket, for the 1st time im skipping this year.