Use your own domain without upgrading
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We have now added the ability for you to use and register your own domain name on Spruz without upgrading. You can add and register your own domain name for only $24 per year. This price includes the registration costs of the domain. To add your own person domain to your website you can visit

We have increased the traffic limits for all new premium site orders to give more room for you to grow. By upgrade you will receive full control over your ad space, access to phone support, more file storage, and we have new upgrade only features coming soon.

Our premium packages start from $9.95 per month*. If you have questions about upgrading your site or about our premium design, and content services please call us toll free at 877-MYSPRUZ or Internationally 865-566-0251
*Pricing based on annual payment
Spruz 2.0 coming soon…
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We are only a few weeks away from releasing 2.0, this update will be a staged release made up of 3 stages over a 3 week period.  The first stage will include some of the most noticable changes with a complete forum renovation, new page builder functionality and the first of some much needed bug fixes. The 2nd and 3rd phase focus on bug improvments, new page related systems, member security advances and preformance.

Over the past serveal months we have been working hard on our newest update and solving cash flow issues, help support Spruz by upgrading your site or by sending a donation of $10 or more to

As always, we look forward to community feedback.

We are looking for volenteers to help with help documentation, forum moderation,and creating new themes. If you would like to help please email with I want to help in the subject line. Please include your account username, and some a brief paragraph about how you would like to help and what would make you a good choice for the job.

Hard at Work
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Though you may not have seen much news from us in recent weeks, we have been hard at work on behind the scenes structure changes. These changes are needed to improve performance and scalability to allow the great updates that we have been hinting at for a while now.

Along with our work for performance, we have been tightening security to put a stop to recent hack attempts on the system. Thank you for your patience in support as we deal with these broad range issues; rest assured support request is being taken care of.

More news soon, grow yourself.™

Bigger, Better Downloads
Category: Annoucements

As we continue to work towards a very special update, that will help with usability and allow more customization than ever before, we have also been releasing other updates that need to be in place first.

The latest update has included a redone downloads system.  Now you can allow your members to upload many different file types for others to download.  It incorporates a lot of the community features that the new gallery does.  Such as rating downloads, commenting on them, and a top contributors section.  It’s one of many great steps forward recently, and much more is on its way.

grow yourself.™

Spruz Pro, More Members = Good!
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This last month we have been working on, among other things, a better way to structure and manage the Spruz Pro package for the benefit of everyone.

We have just changed Spruz Pro so that your cost is not affected by the number of members that you have in your community.  Spruz Pro still starts at just $9.95 and now you don’t have to worry about how many members you have in your community.

Spruz Pro, now with unlimited members!

Here are some more highlights of the Spruz Pro package:

  • No Ads, or Use Your Own and Get 100% of the Revenue
  • More File Space
  • Priority Support (including phone support)

You may find out more and order the upgraded site package on your Site Properties page.

grow yourself.™


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