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Community Spotlight, Week of 2-8-10

Another week brings another Community Spotlight! If only more things in life were this predictable.

Before we get started I'd like to inform everyone of a major change we've made to the "Introduce Your Site" forum category. This link will take you to a topic where we've posted a format for any website introductions. We ask that you copy and paste the format into a new thread and fill in all the questions asked. This is a necessary change that paves the way for some exciting things we have planned for the Owner's Community. All future introductions must use the new format; those that do not will not be approved. We encourage those that have already posted an introduction to revise it using the new format.

This week's Community Spotlight is going to be different from the others in that we wanted to feature a request for feedback for a site that's gotten a good bit of feedback from the community. It's a good example of how spending time working on your site can help make the community excited about what you're doing. Take a look and share any ideas you had! In case you haven't guessed yet, we're planning to turn the focus of the Community Spotlight to feature sites in our community a bit more.

We also wanted to feature a post from the Idea Room entitled "Member Search Function," which recommends that people be able to search for more things on the member page (if it's been added to a website). Feel free to voice your opinions on it!

Have a great weekend!

Community Spotlight, Week of 2-1-10

Time's been flying by... Can you believe it's already February and the end of another week? Since it's the end of another week it means another Community Spotlight! This week we have four topics from the Idea Room for you to devour. If there are any that you thought should have been added feel free to post a comment in the specific topic.

We have two changes to the Owner's Community we'd like to make as well. The first is that a set of general rules have been posted. Please make sure that all your interactions on this website fall in line with it. It's our goal to maintain a friendly and supportive atmosphere, and we'll be able to do just that with your help. If a topic of yours gets deleted because it's breaking a rule we hope you don't take offense. The moderators of this community are just doing their job  

The second change is the addition of a "Quick Tips" element to the Owners' Community sometime in the future. The goal of the element -- which will be in the "global" side bar of this website -- is to help people improve their website and learn things about the Spruz platform with easy to use information. We want to know what tips or tricks you've come across in this thread.

Have a great weekend!

Disclaimer 1: Just because an idea appears on this list does NOT mean that the developers will be working on it. This list is provided just to help them chart out possible future updates and to get a general overview of what the members are saying. Spruz maintains the right to plan updates as they see fit.

Disclaimer 2: Only topics that have at least one community member other than the original poster comment and support the idea are featured in this list.

'Back to photo collection' & 'Back to photos' link needed

  • Tainted_Zeal: When you click on a picture someone has uploaded it takes you to an enlarged picture, but doesn't have a link to go back to the page you came from.
  • K. Hooper: It's a long standing request. Also annoying that you have to the main gallery page to view the categories.

Online Gift Store

  • Tainted_Zeal: With the points system people will need to have something to spend the points on. A online gift store should be added to allow members to purchase gifts for each other with the points they've earned (example in first post).
  • K. Hooper: Being able to spend the points is a great idea, but not everyone will want to give away novelty avatars and the other things mentioned. Being able to offer free memberships to your site or other things along those lines would be good.
  • Josh Soderling: People should be able to buy access to specific pages without giving them higher access levels.
  • Ms.J: The system would need to be automatic without the need of an admin to oversee every single step of the process.
  • randya: Purchasing points should be an option as well, which will allow them to trade those points in for different gifts.
  • Kirumiri: This would be a great way to boost site traffic. Points should be expanded into the online store system, allowing people to get free items for activity. Purchasing points could be tied in with the Wallie card.

Blog Category List

  • The Angry Movie Dork: Create a new element that would display all of the blog posts in a list, with the date they were posted, hits they received and more (picture example provided in first post). 
  • Edvard_D: The question with any idea is how much value does it bring to the visitor. It might be better to add tags instead.
  • The Angry Movie Dork: It would make it easier for users to see everything that's been posted.

'Reply' Option on comments

  • Tainted_Zeal: We should be able to reply to individual comments made on our profiles, just like comments in the blogs.
  • Seven other members agreed.
Community Spotlight, Week of 1-25-10

As promised in last week's post "Community Site Revamp," I bring you our first ever Community Spotlight! For those that didn't get a chance to read the news post, the purpose of the Community Spotlight is to make it easier for both the developers and the community to interact with each other and improve the Spruz platform.

Because this is so new there may be changes to how it works in the future. For the time being you'll find the forum topic's name with a link back to the topic, along with a few of the main points brought up by either the original poster or other members. Feel free to stop by these topics and voice your opinion as well. If you have any suggestions for the Owners' Community website remember that you can post them in this thread.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Disclaimer 1: Just because an idea appears on this list does NOT mean that the developers will be working on it. This list is provided just to help them chart out possible future updates and to get a general overview of what the members are saying. Spruz maintains the right to plan updates as they see fit.

Disclaimer 2: Only threads that had at least one community member other than the original poster are featured in this list.

'Reply' option on [profile] comments

  • Tainted_Zeal: It would be nice for us to have the ability to reply to comments left on our profiles like we're able to with blogs. This could also be added to pictures.
  • Four other members stopped by to give their support.

Move pics in Collections & Choose cover pic

  • Tainted_Zeal: It would be helpful to move pictures in albums, as well as select what picture we want to be the cover of the album.
  • jay314431: Spent a long time naming and organizing their pictures before uploading, only to have them to upload in a different order. Wanted to upload them as a timeline so the reordering ruined their plans.

Users can rate the Blog Posts

  • The Angry Movie Dork: Give users the ability to rate blog posts on a scale from 1-5 if they're logged in.
  • Josh Soderling: It should be made a "standard" for all releases Spruz makes.
  • randya: It shouldn't stop with blogs. Photos, forums, profiles and all the other systems should have this built into it. The ratings would all tie in together to give each user an individual rating to reflect their contribution to the site.
  • Edvard D: Combining it with the future "Points System" might be a good idea as well.
  • The Angry Movie Dork: The expanded ideas are good, but not everyone would want to use it. People should have a choice as to what systems are included. Why would we want to rate users?
  • Edvard D: People wouldn't rate users directly, they would just rate the content they post. This encourages everyone to improve the quality of what they're sharing on your website.
  • meuslix: There needs to be elements added to the system to show the rating.

Would you want to see the word "post" instead of "save" when you publish a comment/reply?

  • kanoobi: It should say "post" when you make the initial post, and "save" when you edit it.
  • Kirumiri: You get used to it after a while, but it's still awkward when you post something.
  • The thread has received 16 votes for it to be changed.

File Manager Update

  • AdamThiele: A major problem with the file manager is that it's impossible to move files around.
  • kanoobi: Good point but may be difficult to add. Right now we have to re upload them to the correct file.

More topics coming next week! In the future we plan to expand the selection of forum topics covered beyond just the Idea Room, but we're going to take it slow to ensure everything's done correctly. This week's list is more or less a "test" to see what things we need to change in the future. Let us know what you think and what topics you thought should have been added to the list!

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