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Skysa App bar is integrated with your website member system
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If you have not heard about Skysa yet, Skysa is a website app bar you can install on any website or blog. Some of the Apps include a Chat Room, Twitter, Facebook Group, Games, Annoucments and more.

On thing that is cool about Skysa is some of their apps are member orientated and require login, such as the Chat or Commenting apps. But, when using the bar on your Spruz powered website if your member is logged in they will be able to use the member related features of the Skysa bar without having to create an account with Skysa as well.

You can add Skysa to your website by going to You will notice we have added the Skysa bar to the owners community as well.

Chat room is ready for you!
Category: Community News

Today we have applied a new update that now allows you to add a full chat room to your website. The chat room feature is integrated with your member system for a seamless experience and has a number of other nice features for you and your members to enjoy. Like anything new, there may be bugs, problems and/or glitches. Please report all issues using our bug report support tickets. This completes the addition of our new IM and Chat Features. We will be expanding these systems over time once bugs and usability issues that may occur are identified and fixed. We have a long list of features we would like to add IM and Chat, but things take time.

To add the chat room, enter your website management mode, then click on Site> New page and select Chat Room from the features list.


Fixes and Improvements Applied:

  • The white box bug for IE7 users has been fixed. This corrects and issue where a large white box would appear at the page footer of your website.
  • We have increased the idle timer on the live features like IM and Whos Online Tracking to 10 minutes from 5 minutes. This feature places a user offline if they have not moved their mouse or typed a key after a length of time. This is done to reduce page load since once a user leaves there computer the page still polls for activity. This action is has the highest resource demands on our servers. Our goal over the next few months is to achieve an idle timeout of 30 minutes, as long as performance holds.
  • Fixed the IM and chat room time stamp to reflect the correct time based on the viewers location.
  • An issue has been corrected with Alerts in the Management bar that prevented you from seeing all older alerts, thus preventing you from reading them so they can be flagged as read.


We hope you will enjoy the new chat room, please free free to give us your feedback, so we can see what improvements you and other members would like to see first in the future.

Happy Holidays,
The Spruz Team

Growing your website
Category: Community News

This is a very common question that is asked. "How do I get members?", the answer to this is not always an easy one but we want to help you with some resources you can use.

First read our forum post "Building a Successful Website from the Start", once you have your website created with the right focus in mind, look for other people that share your interests through forums, blogs, YouTube, Twitter and so on. If you have built a contact list make sure you use your websites inviting features to invite them to visit and join your website. If people enjoy what you are providing, they will invite their friends and your site will begin to grow thanks to the people you invite.

Next take some time and promote your web address. There are a number of sites where you can post some details and a link back to your website.

Some quick examples of sites you can use to get your web address out there; - Make a post in a category like services telling others about your website. - This is just one of many Link directory sites on the net. You can post a free link in most of them.

In time as you continue to work on your website it will gain search rank and show up well from related web searches, read our "How to get your website to show in search engines"

We hope this helps you, if you have suggestions on how to help someone build membership please post a comment about it.

Updated Weekly Q&A Webinars "CANCELED"
Category: Community News

Due to the low registration number we have decided to cancel all General Q&A webinars. Instead we are going to make the time investment into releasing more feature related videos to our videos help section.

We had hoped users would see value in joining a webinar but too few people understand what a webinar is and finding a time of day that works best for everyone is just not feasible.

We will still hold webinars that are topic pacific revolving around development chats, new features and so on.

Remember to follow us on twitter at for the lastest in new feature development and improvements

New Website Management Applied to all websites
Category: Community News

If you have a website with us you may notice a pretty big change today when you go to manage your website with us. After many months of development and public beta testing we have fully released our new website management system to all websites. All new websites created over the last 30 days have already been using the new management system.

Spruz is a social network/website creation platform. Part of a next generation of websites that help you evolve from the old static websites. Now your clients, visitors, and prospects engage with your website rather then sit and listen to it.

The new management system "Management Bar" was designed to make updating and managing your website easier, faster or more intuitive.

Features of the new website management system;

  • Menus and Controls have been moved to a front end editing system.
  • Completely new management menu/navigation structure that loads at the top of your website, allowing you to navigate your actual website and customize your pages in real time.
  • Element pages now have full drag and drop directly on the actual page, plus a new This Page menu gives you a variety of options that only apply to the page you are viewing.
  • Customizing your websites look and feel has never been easier with our new design editor controls.
  • Add element based pages for building your own feature sections, add html pages or select from many of our built in features.
  • Undock elements for an unbelievable level of customization is a social website platform.
  • New Site Announcements right on your management bar with an icon that lights up when there is news, tips, and other information you have not read yet.
  • Full on site Appearance and Design editing. Change each part of your site's look and feel with a realtime preview.
  • A website Logo can now be added with an option to use it in place of your title text in your header. (this can be set, along with an optional sub-title on the site properties section.)

Join us for our Website Management Bar Webinar Today at 5pm EDT for a tutorial and Q&A about the new management bar.

To register go to

Webinars are free and allow you to see full video and hear audio. In addition we will be taking questions from people about the features, how to and tips while using audio and video to help illustrate and respond to a question.


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