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Let us do the work for you!
Category: Annoucements
Here at Spruz Inc. we have heard many stories from customers about trying to get a website professionally designed.
Time and again we hear of people getting burned. Usually due to large upfront costs, they either never see a finished product or are not satisfied with the results. In our never ending struggle to make life easier and safer for people we have decided to release our own design solution, that takes out the risk as well as large upfront costs and gives you a wonderful product you can be proud of. Introducing Spruz Complete, your one stop professional website design solution, that is risk free. Spruz Complete is a complete solution with hosting, email, domain, toll free support and best of all a professionally designed Spruz website in one complete package.
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Credit Cards now accepted.
Category: Annoucements
To give our members more options to pay for the site upgrade, we have added Credit Card Payments. We now Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

We do value our users and answer to your requests. I know there are many of you that hate PayPal, this will give you another option to pay if you no longer want those ads on your site, and maybe you want more space, personal domain name, unlimited elements, or dedicated support.

When paying for the upgrade the Option for credit card is now in the drop down box.

Thank you for your support,

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