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Membership Subscription Improvements!

Today we have published our new revamp to the member subscription module. The focus of this update was to update the look, add expanded currency options, and allow for new billing terms!

Our Subscription Module Features:

  1. Setup of page and feature access for people that have purchased a subscription
  2. Integration with PayPal payment processing that only requires you to have a verified PayPal Account to accept payments
  3. Support for setting up subscriptions using Days, Weeks, Months and Years
  4. Currency Support for US, Canada, Euro, Pounds Sterling and AUD
  5. Automatic permission assignment; once a member subscribes they will be granted subscription level access to your site within 5 minutes
  6. Customizable Subscription Description and Title
  7. Subscriber report to see all your active and expired subscribers
  8. Free Trial support to offer subscribers a way to try your service before payment; this requires the subscriber to cancel if they do not want to be billed further

We have also posted 2 new Wiki pages to help you further with configuring Membership Subscriptions.

What is the member subscription module?

Setting up Member Subscriptions

Also included with this update;

  • We revamped the profile comment element to change some of the structure, to include the persons name next to the photo, and to offer previews of the first 30 words of a post in activity feeds. If a profile is marked as private, activity will not be posted to the main site activity feed.
  • Plus, a number of user reported bugs have been fixed.

So you are aware, we have a number of cool new improvements in the works to finish off this year! Remember, if you have issues or problems please open a support request at



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