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Mass Email Ability Added
Category: Annoucements

We have just released an update to add Message Broadcasting ability (Sending Emails to all site members at one time). This allows you to send a mass email to your website members.

The new email broadcasting is located in the Member Management in your website management/administration area in that is displayed when you hit the green community tab and is the button called Email Broadcast above your member list.

This new feature is currently limited to our members that have our Pro upgrade plan, and allows you to send 1 email broadcast every 7 days.

As with anything new, we will continue to make improvements to it. Right now we want to carefully manage how email campaigns are sent so that we can stay clear of blacklists so that your emails are delivered to your website members when you send to them. Make sure you add this and all email broadcasts to your trusted lists in your favorite mail client this but one small part that helps us build a better email reputation.

This new feature has been added thanks to our a new mail server we brought online. We want to work hard to build our mail server reputation so that we can have good mail deliverability for everyone. Click here for more info on how mail reputation works. Giving the ability to mass mail is no easy task and for us will have a bit of overhead so that is why we do not offer this feature to everyone, and we have waited until now to release this type of feature.

We know this was a highly requested feature for sometime and now it is here, so enjoy!


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