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Community Spotlight, Week of 6-21-10


Community of the Week

This week's Community of the Week is Organic Legion. It was created by none other than as a center of information and activism concerning organic living and more.

The purpose of Organic Legion is to inform and spur people to action, and -- as it should -- the layout of the site reflects this. The clean design is cheerful, providing reflecting an optimistic view of the future and setting the tone for the content of the site. Visitors are given a complete overview of the purpose of the site, which also serves as a way to make them aware of the issues important to Organic Legion. A few very literal "calls to action" are featured on the right hand navigation area, encouraging visitors to both join the site and get active in changing the world. The tagline of Organic Legion is, in fact, "Spread the word, Change the world!"
Congratulations to Organic Legion!
Voting for your favorite community of the week will start soon, so stay tuned for more information! If you'd like a shot at our next round of rewards post an introduction that follows the guidelines we've provided.
Suggestion of the Week
This week's suggestion comes from jumpchecker who would like to see an option to add a URL as the "location" of an event while using the event page. They hypothesize that it will help keep all the important information in the header, and point out that the description can get cluttered if there's a lot of information users need to know for an event.
As always we want to hear what you think about each idea. If you've thought of a feature you'd like to see added to theSpruz platform feel free to post it in the Idea Room. Remember to make it as detailed as possible; all topics must be approved before they'll appear.
Tip of the Week
This week's tip is from The Spruz Master and shows you how to add custom smilies to your forums. It's a quick suggestion that can improve the experience for your members!
If you have any tips please post them in our Tips and Tricks forum!

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