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Migrating Your Members Off of Ning
Category: Ning Transition

We have a new Migration Script that you can place on your Ning network that makes it very easy for your members to come over to your new site with Spruz. (Don't have Spruz Social Site Yet? Create one now.)

  1. Generate Code with our Ning Migration Tool (Click Here)
  2. Paste the Code into a Text Box on your Ning site (preferably high up on your home page)
  3. Send a Broadcast Message to all your members letting them know about the move and to click the Migration Link

This helps your members register quickly on your new Spruz website, when a member is logged in and clicks the Migration Link or Button on your old Ning website, their profile information like Name, Age, Location, and Profile Photo will be copied over when they register on your new Spruz website, leaving only the email address and password the would need to fill out.

Please let us know what you think!


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