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Changes coming November 2nd to premium service plans
Category: Annoucements

We understand when moving to our premium solution, one or two plans just doesn't fit all. Starting on Monday November 2nd we will be discontinuing our Pro and Lite Plan structure for a more flexible build your own plan premium option. Now all new accounts will be Pro accounts or "Premium Accounts".

The largest differences between our current plans and the new build a premium package include;

  • Scalable traffic selection (Our current plans allowed 25,000 page views with additional fees for overages). By allowing you to select your traffic allowance, Allows us to offer plans starting at only $4.95/mo (No Yearly Prepay required)
  • Removes the page view limit and replaces it with a more industry standard of Monthly Giga Byte (GB) transfer allowance
  • Allows you to pick and chose the premium features you want to use (Shopping Cart, Member Subscriptions, Ad Manager, Video Uploading)
  • Select your own page, element and storage limits so that you can price a plan that works best for you.
  • Select a support plan, allowing you to decide the level of support you would like to use.
  • You can no longer add a domain unless you are a premium customer.
  • There will be a noticeable overall price increase with our new pricing since things are now itemized, but we will continue offering our large discounts for prepaying 6 months or more.
  • No more shopping cart item limit, the shopping cart is now a flat $10 add-on with unlimited items.
  • New Video Uploading option, with your own player. (This enables people to upload video right to your website and has sharing features)

For those of you that support us by upgrading, for the most part this will not effect you or your plan with the exception on how your traffic limits are handled. Currently all upgrade plans included a base of 25,000 page views, since page views as a form of usage measurement are being discontinued you will be switched over to 50GB monthly transfer for Pro accounts and 25GB monthly transfer for Lite. As always, when we have changed our pricing model we honor existing plan pricing for current customers, so unless you cancel or upgrade your plan you never have to worry about your price going up.

If you are not upgraded but want to under the current plans I encourage you to do so before next week. As with any of our current customers, your pricing will be locked in.


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