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Community Spotlight, Week of 6-14-10


Community of the Week

This week's Community of the Week is Web Wiz Co. It was created by The Spruz Master as awebsite design service.

Any website directly involved in an aspect of the world wide web -- be it social networks, marketing, or design -- are expected to have a good grasp on what they specialize in. This is especially true with design websites, as the design of the website is a working example of their product. Web Wiz Co does a great job presenting itself and the service it provides. The clean, sharp design helps spark the imagination of the visitor, helping them realize the potential their own site has.
Congratulations to Web Wiz Co!
There is one more week to go before the community will once again vote for the top Community of the Week! If you'd like a shot at our next round of rewards post an introduction that follows the guidelines we've provided.
Suggestion of the Week
This week's suggestion comes from Randya, who would like to see more options to display a specific number of objects on pages. Current features such as Blogs and Forums give administrators the right to decide how many blogs/forum topics to display per page, which in turn makes it easier for users to navigate the systems.
As always we want to hear what you think about each idea. If you've thought of a feature you'd like to see added to the Spruz platform feel free to post it in the Idea Room. Remember to make it as detailed as possible; all topics must be approved before they'll appear.
Tip of the Week
This week's tip shows you how to add an invite tab to your navigation area. This easy to add feature can encourage members to invite more people to your website, further expanding your user base.
If you have any tips please post them in our Tips and Tricks forum!

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